Novosibirsk hockey has old traditions. At the time of the Soviet union Siberians five times became champions of RSFSR: "Dynamo" (1949, 1953), a command of Dzerzhinsky area (1955, 1957), СКА (1964). Eight times новосибирцы played a cup-final of RSFSR and became its owners twice: "Dynamo" (1953) and СКА (1974). In Novosibirsk strong hockey players, with success acting in leading clubs of our country have grown many.

 The first ice-hockey team of masters has been formed in Novosibirsk in 1949. It was called as "Dynamo". On the eve of a season of 1963 the command acting in the higher league, has changed a departmental accessory. Having accepted in the numbers some hockey players of "Chemist" (which at that time played to the first group of superiority of RSFSR), the best collective of Novosibirsk has begun the next championship with an emblem of "Siberia". The command finished on last 20th place though in preliminary tournament has occupied 11 place and slightly has not held on to an exit in the main ending for 1-10 places. The debutant was threatened with parting with a class "And", but the next reform - expansion to 22 collectives has gained.

 In the main league новосибирцы have spent 20 seasons (1954/55-1957/58 1959/60-1962/63, 1965/66-1970/71 1975/76, 1983/84 1994/95- 1997/98). In 742 matches - 198 victories, 83 drawn games, 461 defeat. A difference of washers 2116-3473. The best result - 9 place in the championships of the USSR 1954/55, 1956/57 1969/70, 1970/1971. In superiority of the country of 1971 "Siberia" has suffered the great defeat in the history: 1:15 from CSKA, and one of meetings with the silver prize-winner of that superiority - Moscow "Dynamo" has come to the end with the account 8:12. The largest victory "Siberia" has gained in a season 1982 over "Miner" from Prokopevsk - 16:1, and top-level over the Riga "Daugava" with the account 8:1 and екатеринбуржской "Dynamo-energy" (1998) - 8:1, and in 1967 9:2 over Novokuznetsk "Metallurgist".

 Apparently, "Siberia" cannot brag of special achievements, though in separate years it could pull about nerves to any contender. So, in 1976 новосибирцы have beaten the champion of the country "Spartak" 6:5, the third prize-winner - Moscow "Dynamo" 5:4, have selected three points at CSKA which have won silver medal 5:4 and 5:5, have won "Wings" which have occupied 4 place 6:1.

 With a command trainers worked: V.Zvonarev, O.Tolmachyov, J.Pankov, J.Dmitrievsky, G.Radaev, V.Stain, V.Zolotuhin, S.Akimov, V.Golts, L.Kiselyov, A.Volchkov, V.Golubovich.

 The strongest hockey players of a command of different years: goalkeepers - V.Bubenets, A.Popsuev, V.Kazakov; defenders: A.Birjulintsev, J.Mihajlov, G.Radaev, A.Fatkullin, A.Bagaev; the attacking: V.Stain, V.Zolotuhin, V.Indjukov, V.Kartavyh, Vl. Кунгурцев, V.Makarov, J.Sudoplatov, G.Kapkajkin, B.Barabanov, J.Antipov, S.Akimov, V.Melenchuk.


World champions among juniors:

Boris Barabanov, Michael Tolochko, Sergey Seljanin


The prize-winner of the World championship among juniors, the best goalkeeper

Evgenie Tarasov, 1975


Champions of Europe among juniors:

George Uglov, Vladimir Gromilin, Sergey Seljanin.


The prize-winner of the European championship among juniors:

Alexander Kisljakov


Champions of the World University game:

Alexander Fatkullinju, Igor Ryzhih


Prize-winners of the World University game:

Igor Ulshin, Igor Ryzhih.


Champions of the USSR:

Alexander Volchenkov, Sergey Seljanin.


Prize-winners of the Championships of the USSR:

Alexander Fatkullin, Victor Doroshchenko, Alexander Barkov, Yury Klemeshov.


Owners of Cup МХЛ:

Dmitry Zatonsky, Igor Ryzhih.


The prize-winner of Cup МХЛ:

Sergey Klimovich.


Champions of Russia:

Sergey Zhukov, Yury Kuznetsov.


The owner of Cup МХЛ:

Sergey Zhukov.


Prize-winners of the championship of Russia

Andrey Tarasenko, Evgenie Tarasov, Alexey Krivchenkov, Dmitry Zatonsky.


Participants of Olympic Games:

Valentine Kuzin, Andrey Tarasenko.


Participants of the World championship:

Andrey Tarasenko, Yury Kuznetsov, Sergey Zhukov.


For NHL farm-clubs acted:

Sergey Klimovich, Alexey Krivchenkov, Dmitry Nabokov, Jan Golubovsky, Yury Kuznetsov, Evgenie Shaldybin, Alexey Days.


In NHL acted:

Dmitry Nabokov, Alexey Krivchenkov, Jan Golubovsky, Evgenie Shaldybin.

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